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What we grow

At Wooden Hill Farms, we grow over 50 types of vegetables, flowers, and herbs.  All of these are started from seed.  Below you can find our produce availability chart.  This information is subject to change due to natural growing conditions.  Herbs, though not included in this chart, are available all season long and include sage, rosemary, thyme, basil, chamomile, lavender, oregano, stevia, lemongrass, lemon balm, catnip, parsley, lovage, anise hyssop, winter savory and many more.

All of our products are grown naturally, without the use of any synthetic chemicals or fertilizers.  We employ natural cultural methods of production, including cover cropping, crop rotation, and various types of mulching in order to build our soil's health and richness, as well as to disrupt disease and pest cycles that can damage crops.  We believe that by respecting the environment and preserving the health of our land, we are better able to produce healthier food that makes for a healthier you! 

Wooden Hill donates fresh produce to the Perry County Food Bank.  Running a CSA is not the only way Wooden Hill is community-minded.  We find it extremely important to provide high-quality, healthy food to those we can reach in the community.

                   June    July    August       September    October 
 Bok Choi X       X
Garlic           X X X X
Lettuce / Mixes  X X     X
 Broccoli X X     X
 Cabbage X X     X
 Kohlrabi  X        
Spinach   X    
Radish   X    
 Turnip  X    
 Kale  X
 Chard  X
Scallions  X  
Collards   X       X
Peas   X      
Cucumbers   X    
Melons    X    
Tomatillos    X    
Zucchini    X  
Summer Squash 
String Beans    X  
Okra    X
 Eggplant   X
 Sweet Corn   X  
Leeks        X
Carrots  X  
 Beets X    
 Winter Squash         X
 Cauliflower         X