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News and Upcoming Events


  • Wooden Hill Farms is going through some staffing changes over the next couple growing seasons and is unable to offer our CSA program for the 2013 season.   Look for us again in the near future.  Any and all inquiries can be directed to: woodenhillfarms@gmail.com

Upcoming Events

  • Organic Gardening Workshops

    Grown Ups Grow

    Would you like to learn the basics of organic gardening?  We've got just the thing - our Grown Ups Grow program at Wooden Hill Farms!  What better way to learn than to do!?  You will be able to gain valuable hands-on gardening experience on site at Wooden Hill Farms of Duncannon, just 20 minutes North of Harrisburg.  Wooden Hill runs under a CSA model and cultivates over 50 types of vegetables, flowers and herbs, all without the use of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers.  Come see how easy and exciting it is to have your own garden!  The Wooden Hill Farmers can teach you all the fundamentals - from companion planting to soil composition to natural pest deterrents.  Instead of a structured hour-long lecture, the Wooden Hill Farmers feel that the best way to learn about organic gardening is to jump right in.  We can garden together, building a stronger community and can answer any and all of your specific questions based on your experience level.  Many thanks in advance for your interest in this program!

    Please e-mail us if you are interested!

    Little Gardeners - Children's Gardening Classes

    Have you ever seen your child pull a carrot out of the ground?  If so, then you know the priceless look on their proud face when they start making the connection that the food they eat comes from plants out in the field.  Our Little Gardeners workshop is put on monthly during the growing season by a collaborative effort from Om Baby Pregnancy & Parenting Center and Wooden Hill Farms.  Our goal is to help develop childrens' connection to the natural world through educational, fun and interactive gardening activities.  Classes are held on site here at Wooden Hill Farms of Duncannon, just 20 minutes North of Harrisburg.  Children will begin to get a sense of where their food comes from and the natural processes plants go through.  Each workshop can be attended individually, but parents are encouraged to attend all monthly sessions in order for their child to gain an understanding of a complete growing season.  Each month will have a different focus depending on what real farmers are doing that time of year.  For example, come to our workshop in the Spring and watch your child learn about seeds and even help plant!  Come to the workshop a month later, and your child will begin to grasp the continuity of it all by seeing that the seed they planted a month earlier sprouted into a tiny plant!  All workshops will mix the educational component with fun hands-on activities.  Get ready for your children to learn about gardening using all of their five senses!

    Saturdays in 2010 at 10:00 A.M. / May 15th; June 12th; July 17th; August 14th; September 18th; October 16th.

    $75 / 6 weeks
    $15 drop-in

    2 person minimum to hold workshop. Pre-paid registration required by May 1st for the 6 week session or by the Friday prior to each workshop for drop-in registration.  To register, please visit Om Baby's workshop website.