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About Us


Wooden Hill operates on what was once Stefanie’s grandparents’ farm.  In fact, the farm has been in her family for over 150 years.  Developing a CSA on this farm is helping to save this small family farm.

What’s a Wooden Hill?  A little farm history.

A wooden hill is a staircase!  This euphemism was used almost nightly by Stefanie’s grandmother, Ethel Hilbish Kines Owens.  Before heading off to bed, Ethel would get to the bottom of the staircase in the farmhouse and say, “Okay, I’m off to climb the wooden hill.”  Wooden Hill’s name is a tribute to Ethel and the four generations of farmers that came before us on this land.

Stefanie Zaitz (owner/operator)

Stefanie grew up in Marlboro, NJ and spent much of her childhood on the farm.  She fondly remembers gardening with her grandfather, Winslow Owens.  She graduated from Rutgers College in 2005 with a degree in Sociology and Psychology.  She then spent time traveling to places in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe.  Her love of the farm has been lifelong, but her love of farming started in 2007.  She took an internship at Rutgers University's Cook Student Organic Farm in an attempt to explore ways in which to revive her family's farm.  The more she learned about organics, it became less about the higher price point, and more about encouraging sustainability, and providing healthy and safe food for a community.  After completing the internship, she then worked at the Wildlife Conservation Society headquartered at the Bronx Zoo, where her interest in conservation and sustainability grew.  She came out to the farm to begin this CSA project in April 2009.  She thinks baby bell peppers make great pets and doesn't think you should try the watermelon thing at home.  Opt for a lighter vegetable.


Spotty was born in NJ but has spent his whole life on the farm.  For 18 years, he has earned his keep by helping control the mouse population on the farm.  Currently, he is a retired mouser and lives in the farmhouse spending his days eating, sleeping and being ridiculously cute.  He only goes outside on days he deems perfect.  Usually, that means 75 and sunny.  Spotty is currently Wooden Hill's CEO and President.  He is a tremendous soccer player and enjoys all types of seafood delights.